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Everyone has a plan…

Afternoon all, please see the start of a very big and hairy project (forgive the gorilla reference). Attached is a link to an extract from the introduction to my ‘work in progress’, a book based on a 100 interviews with programme directors around the world on their experience of success and failure. I’m in the middle of writing mode and making good progress and thought I’d share the odd extract as it moves forward.

Any thoughts, ideas, comments, just let me know.

Categories: Transformation

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  1. Dear Ben

    Most readable and insightful – easy writing style to read and absorb

    Go go go!

    Have a great break and I look forward to catching up in the twenties


    Adam Salzer OAM Transformation Architect & Strategic Workforce Design

    Chair, Whitewater Transformations and Salzer Consulting

    Aust Mobile: +61 428 383 683 UK Mobile: +44 7708 041734



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