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Due diligence in an emerging market – the management interviews – lots of communication, perhaps less understanding!

Last week I explored the challenges of doing diligence on a fictitious family owned business based in Indonesia, from the perspective of the CEO (the link is here if you missed it). This week, let’s have a playful look at the next stage in the process…the management interviews, again from the perspective of the CEO of the business being acquired. This is the accumulation of a number of my experiences […]

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The future role of HR – whose decision is it? Interesting blog which goes to the heart of the challenge for HR going forward…how to separate the strategic from the non strategic…and probably more importantly, who is going to deliver the strategic. At the moment, the new generation of HR leaders seem to be as badly equipped as those in the last twenty years to take on this task…with some notable exceptions of course, some of whom I’ve had […]

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