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Save the silver bullet

After about 3 years and over 140 hours of interviews, edits, moments of desperation, and some incredible stories, it’s almost there. I expect to publish my book on transformation “save the silver bullet…small steps are the secret to successful transformation” in the next month. Those of you who have contributed and supported me, heartfelt thanks. Is it perfect? No! Does it say everything I would want to say on the […]

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Everyone has a plan…

Afternoon all, please see the start of a very big and hairy project (forgive the gorilla reference). Attached is a link to an extract from the introduction to my ‘work in progress’, a book based on a 100 interviews with programme directors around the world on their experience of success and failure. I’m in the middle of writing mode and making good progress and thought I’d share the odd extract […]

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Cost synergies are worth more than revenue synergies…really?

The final chapter (for now!) in our series on the unwritten rules of post acquisition integration. We’ve explored programme structures, leadership teams and the approach to acquired leaders and the fable of the business case! This last one is focused on the old favourite. We at Agile Gorilla think that this is as much to do with external consultants being able to understand cost line items much more easily than […]

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The unchallenged Rules of post deal integration…part 3

All that is written cannot be changed…the tablets of stone of the business case! In what other walk of life can you imagine a situation where the thoughts, analysis and assumptions of one person (or perhaps a small team), drawn up before any access to the subject matter was granted and therefore based entirely on an ‘out to in’ perspective are entirely inviolate? …all because this was the rationale presented […]

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Perpetuating organisational silos…functional integration!

Functions continue to dominate organisation structures, whilst perpetuating silo based thinking. Nowhere is this more the case than in mergers and transactions where the function based due diligence process just continues in the post deal period. Attached a short article to illustrate the issue. hashtag#theagilegorilla hashtag#postdealintegration hashtag#mergersandacquisitions Look forward to hearing from you. Any comments, critiques welcome as ever.

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