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The unchallenged Rules of post deal integration…part 3

All that is written cannot be changed…the tablets of stone of the business case! In what other walk of life can you imagine a situation where the thoughts, analysis and assumptions of one person (or perhaps a small team), drawn up before any access to the subject matter was granted and therefore based entirely on an ‘out to in’ perspective are entirely inviolate? …all because this was the rationale presented […]

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Perpetuating organisational silos…functional integration!

Functions continue to dominate organisation structures, whilst perpetuating silo based thinking. Nowhere is this more the case than in mergers and transactions where the function based due diligence process just continues in the post deal period. Attached a short article to illustrate the issue. hashtag#theagilegorilla hashtag#postdealintegration hashtag#mergersandacquisitions Look forward to hearing from you. Any comments, critiques welcome as ever.

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M&A needs true commitment…a statement of the obvious or something more insightful?

A view from the Agile Gorilla on the challenges for acquirers who are looking at M&A as a strategic option. It turns out that those who are doing a ‘few’ have the most challenges, not necessarily those who are starting out in the world deals. As ever, I would appreciate your comments, thoughts and ideas.

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The Myopia of Modern Business

Morning all, thanks for all your encouragement and various messages from last week…I appreciate all of it enormously and I’m excited about the opportunities for our baby going forward. Here is a link to an article written by my colleague, David Boyd. He captures beautifully the inherent conflict between the behaviour which we’re expected to exhibit in our corporate lives and that which is critical for our daily survival….characterised by […]

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