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Save the Silver Bullet – some early reaction

Dear all, thanks for all your support over the past few weeks. I have had some wonderful comments from some people I respect and admire which is really appreciated. A few to share with you.

“With Save the Silver Bullet Ben de Haldevang has written a fantastically readable guide to grapple with transformation, full of eye-opening examples of transformation done well (and badly) by others.” Bruce Daisley, very successful author of the book ‘ The Joy of Work’ No 1 Sunday Times Business Bestseller.

“ I not only enjoyed reading but also took a few pointers that will help me in our transformation journey at Roche. Introducing the case studies and then the PPP framework sets the reader for an in-depth reflection (perhaps even introspection), making connections to my own realities at work and how I can better engage my colleagues.” Gabriel Joseph, APAC IT PMO Head, Pharma Informatics at Roche

“Loved the case studies and in particular the insights from practitioners who were directly involved. An easy read and one I’d recommend to anyone involved in transformation programs.” Greg Hyde, Senior Director at Cognizant

“A great read for any involved in transformation programmes – including sponsors.”
“The real life stories in the book from the front line bring to life the realities of programme management in a way that a course or theory / text book couldn’t. So many times in reading it I was seeing situations where I could see ’that’s what I’m facing now’ or ’that what I need to do next’. Inspirational stuff.”

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