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2021 – a year of challenge, achievement and extraordinary resilience

It feels totally futile to capture the nature of this past year in a few short paragraphs. For all of us, whether in education, full time, part time or self employment, unemployment or retirement, the changes we’ve experienced in such a short time are extraordinary and life changing. It is a testament to our resilience that we emerge and are ready ‘to go again’!

In my world of transformation and change, 2021 has been a year where a team of 120 subject matter experts, change managers and senior executives were able to achieve a market milestone in regulatory change. They did this whilst working remotely, managing family commitments and dealing with the fear and uncertainty of what the future might hold. Their employer should pay heed…that was no ordinary achievement. It was based on trust, a deep sense of personal responsibility and a willingness to work through some big, hairy challenges. That level of commitment is hard to value…and only becomes obvious when it’s no longer there. I was incredibly proud to be part of that team.

2021 was also a year where the momentum of transformation and change picked up yet again. M&A volumes are breaking all records, the challenge of the new working environment is changing whole sectors which in turn generates the need for more change, all at a frightening pace. All at a time where our political leaders seem removed from the needs of employees, business leaders and industry. The mental health of a whole generation of employees, school children and young adults appears to be a distant second to the physical health of a comparatively small part of our society. There are likely to be long term consequences of that particular priority call.

Finally, in case anyone doesn’t know yet (!), 2021 was the year when I finally managed to publish my book on transformation, ‘Save the Silver Bullet‘. Massive thanks to everyone who supported me through that particular 3 year journey.

I wish you all a wonderful period of calm reflection, overindulgent festivity and joy over the next few weeks.

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