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…this isn’t going to be very popular but..!

A powerful and perhaps a little provocative article in the WSJ from the weekend which I wanted to share with you. Whilst I realise that defending the financial services sector and in particular the investment banking sector may not necessarily be the most popular thing to do, in my opinion, there is something going on between regulator and banks which has to be addressed. It seems that regulators will only be content when they start having a material impact on the P&L of the sector..the ultimate arbiter of their own sense of control! This cannot be healthy and if you are a shareholder, must be a matter for concern.

I’m wondering whether we’ll see a reduction in the interventionist nature of this relationship as public sector finances start to improve? Just a thought!

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  1. Bravo Ben
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  2. Pleased I’ve found someone prepared to put their head above the parapit! Thanks


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