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No more superhero leaders – please

A good blog on systemic change in corporates around the world. Very thoughtful and thought provoking.

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Just when it couldn’t get any worse for Tesco, it does.

It wasn’t so long ago that we all marvelled at Tesco – the benign behemoth with the rock solid share price. Sure most people didn’t love Tesco, but at the same time they couldn’t live without it either.

there goes the pension there goes the pension

This year the share price has tanked 50%. Profit warnings are spewing out faster than 3 for 2 deals. Senior managers are disappearing. All the love has gone. Can it get worse? Probably. We’re not in Flowers-style territory yet but who knows…..(secretly hoping…)

What to make of all this? What’s gone wrong? Was Terry Leahy a magician – or was there something a bit awry with the whole system?

It’s not a few bad apples, it’s the system

I’ve recently been in India with those lovely Leaders Quest people. They had gathered an extraordinary crowd of leaders from different…

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