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The creation of one of the largest consulting businesses…..ever!

As part of the new podcast series from the Agile Gorilla Collective, David Boyd, Abhay Pande, Paul Siegenthaler (you can find their bios here – they are an impressive bunch of people!) and I talk through the separation of the EY consulting business as much discussed and written about over the past few months.

We address both the operational implications, the impact on clients and how to address the human issues which will undoubtedly arise from the deal. We also talk about the uniquely global challenges which this deal faces, given the presence of the firm in markets which present opportunity for growth and scale.

As ever, please come back to me with your thoughts / comments, and indeed ideas on what other deals and issues we should include in our podcast series.

Categories: Change management, Consulting, emerging markets, Mergers & acquisitions, Productivity, Programme Management, Separation, Value Preservation

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