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Deep thinking about deepMind – a very different type of deal!

The latest podcast in the Agile Gorilla Collective series. This week Abhay, David and I talk about the dynamics of Deepmind and Google Brain coming together, what the key challenges for Demis Hassabis and Jeff Dean are in terms of leadership and change management, the competitor landscape and the potential pace of change required,

It is a fascinating transaction, not only because of the sudden awareness through ChatGPT of the potential wide reaching impact of the technology, but also in terms of the nature of the employee base, the culture of the two businesses, and the impact of a ‘commercial’ perspective on a population which has not necessarily experienced that before. This is particularly relevant given the fact that DeepMind was acquired 9 years ago with some very clear conditions…the appetite for change is going to be limited!

Look forward to hearing what you think!

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