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Culture change – the power of a crisis in achieving change

Culture change – the power of a crisis in achieving change

I’ve attached a link to a case study for culture change as part of a significant and probably most critical part of a business transformation. Francois Nader makes some very powerful points related to the development and incorporation of a set of values into an organisation going through a major crisis…and perhaps that is a point that’s missed in the attached:

  • The nature of a financial crisis which puts both employees and the organisation at risk acts as a strong motivator and if used correctly, can create incredible alignment across the workforce. There are many examples of this, notably in the recent global financial crisis where organisations changed radically in their engagement and involvement of their employees as a key part of their overall survival.
  • The ‘Pandora’s box’ aspect of this change, where any shift back from this position becomes virtually impossible.
  • The potential for further change (WL Gore might be a good example) which can take this to a whole new approach around innovation, performance management and reward.

Creating that moment of crisis or perhaps intense introspection is the challenge for a management team with the appetite for significant change…and then living the new approach deeply from physical, small but highly noticeable changes in behaviour to wholesale reviews of key aspects of policy and process.

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