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Very loud, very noisy. Of UKIP and Tesla.

Good piece on UKIP and an analogy with the disruptive forces around the automotive sector…

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Back again. Been cooking up something new – more of which later.

In the meantime there is much to talk about – like a resurgence of nationalism and how to create really disruptive change. Not the kind of ripples that comes from lobbing stones from the side (or the pub), but the serious “world will never be the same again” kind of change that defines the way we live.

Which is why I’ve been ruminating on Nigel Farage and Elon Musk – both want to change the world, but are going about it in different ways. Kind of.

UKIP: serious disruptive force or just a protest party?

I have been bewildered by UKIP (not quite the FN but the UK’s most mainstream “get out of Europe” mob) who have done very well in the Euro and local elections here.

Anyone who spends anytime out of the bubble that is London will…

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