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The changing face of the organisational structure…as defined by the new generation of employees

An interview recently conducted with Gary Hamel on the BBC World Service. Please click on the link below

Peter Day; World of Business – interview with Gary Hamel

This is worth 30 minutes of your time….I promise you. The key points from the interview:

  • A call for a more dynamic approach to organisational structure and the commensurate implications for shareholders.
  • Personal engagement of customers and shareholders in the lives of the corporate service providers
  • A radical change to organisational design to move from control based structures to ones’ that enable the irregular to thrive within a corporate structure…
    • A span of control of 1 to 400 in the jet engine subsidiary of GE…greater autonomy, better information, better accountability – leads to less bureaucracy.
    • Authority phobia amongst the new employee base, leading to the need to build leadership capital…
  • Time to implementation and time to success are very different concepts
  • Success is a self correcting phenomenon….thinking like entrepreneurs to thinking like custodians
  • Self organising teams…difficult to see because there is too much political capital wrapped up in the old model
  • Great example of control…listen to the Brazilian company example

He also talks to the lack of engagement amongst employees which I’ve raised here before. 21% of people were empowered to do their job out of a survey of 300 companies…people have more spending authority at home then they have at the work place.

  • Stop looking at people as commodities and start to look at them as innovators. The job does not define the person…commodity roles do not determine the creativity levels in the employee.
  • Change is rolled out…not rolled up.
  • Human capital is a poor term…it does not offer an definition as the above.


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  1. Thanks Ben, I’ll listen to the podcast. We should catchup should you ever be down Sydney way.



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